Our Goals


Westminster Child Care follows a holistic approach to child development. Our aim is to aid in the development of.the total personality of each child by providing an educational experience which will have an impact upon their entire lives.

Our program will assist you, the parent, in shaping your children in the following areas:

  • Intellectually
    By encouraging an enthusiasm for learning. By fostering a curiosity towards the world around themchildren learn how to “teach” themselves for the rest of their lives.
  • Physically
    By participating in numerous large and small muscle activities. Having healthy children requires morethan just exercise. It includes the development of motor skills and coordination, as well as teaching the children how to maintain healthy lifestyles.
  • Socially
    By participating in group activities designed specifically to foster interpersonal skills and cooperation. Weencourage children to feel secure in who they are as individuals and to appreciate the uniqueness of others.
  • Spiritually
    By encouraging children to live a life of moral purity. Bible stories and songs are included in the dailyactivities giving each child an awareness of God’s love for them. Children are free to express the faith which you, as their parent, instill in them.
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